Instructions For Use

This web-based database should be relatively easy to use. While any browser may be used, it was developed around the Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher platforms. For best results a screen resolution of 800x600 or higher is recommended.

To search for an obituary listing, just click on "Obituary Search Home" on the navigation bar and enter as much information about the decedent as you know.

You do not need to know the full name, just entering the first few characters is enough. For example, entering "BLA" in the last name field will return all "Black" as well as "Blair" records.

Capitalization of the data is not important, and the system is not sensitive to it. As such, "BLA", "Bla", and "bla" are all treated the same way.

You may also search the database by selecting the first letter of the last name of the decedent for which you are searching.

After entering your search criteria, a list of all matching records will be returned.

The list consists of the last name, first name, date of birth (if known) and date of death (if known). If an online image of the obituary exists, an icon resembling a rolled-up newspaper will be displayed next to the record.

To view details of a person, just click on the record in the list and a page showing known details will be displayed. If an image of the obituary exists, you will be able to click on the icon resembling a rolled-up newspaper to display it.

Copyrighted by the Garrett Public library on behalf of the Garrett Clipper, with thanks and gratitude to the Garrett Clipper for allowing the use of their obituary materials.